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Composite Hose

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TIFT-Compoflex Composite Hose

Composite Hose is generally used for chemical, paint, and petroleum transfer. Inner wire is made of polypropylene-coated steel or 316 stainless steel. Outer wire is made of galvanized steel or 316 stainless steel. The carcass is multiple layers of heavy duty polypropylene fabric, film and polyester barrier layer. The cover is abrasion-resist and PVC-impregnated fabric. The multi-layer construction is lightweight and flexible, for ease of handling. Working pressures up to 350 psi. Temperature range is from -22°F. to +212°F. Lengths up to 60'. Standard sizes range from 1" through 10" I.D. A variety of size, length and end fitting configurations are available. All composite hoses comply with various US and international ...